'The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.'


This is the illustration of Joshua Burd, AKA BurdTurd.
Influenced by life, dark anime, street art(and culture), electronic music, low budget films, punk rock, traditional watercolor, modern physics, geometry and organic material, Burds art sits in a space that traverses the line between bright and eerie.

Burd considers color a window into the soul, utilizing drastic palettes and focused subject matter.
His portraits display the inner character of the subject, or at least his interpretation of such character.

Burd has shown in a number of galleries, bars, coffee shops and basements in the Portland, Oregon area. A rainy place where the gray surrounds its residents, saturated with artists who bring colors to its old walls and wet sidewalks.

Burd is constantly making new work, and always interested in new, innovative, creative opportunities.
To get a hold of Joshua Burd for freelance illustration or gallery work, email him at


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